スタートアップと企業の第二創業を支援する「fabbit Global Gateway “Hakata Ekimae”」が博多駅前にグランドオープン

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株式会社システムソフト(本社:東京都千代田区、代表取締役社長:吉尾 春樹)でスタートアップと企業の第二創業を支援するfabbitは、本日、博多駅前徒歩2分の福岡朝日ビル1階と2階に「fabbit Global Gateway “Hakata Ekimae”」をグランドオープンしたことを発表します。

「fabbit Global Gateway」とは、グローバル展開を目指す企業のためのブランドであり、スタートアップ支援に積極的な福岡市の中心地に大型拠点「fabbit Global Gateway “Hakata Ekimae”」を構えることで、独自のイベントや拠点間の交流を促し、スタートアップや大手企業とのオープンイノベーションの創出を支援します。

個室(2名席~)は月額105,600円~、フリー席は月額24,200円~、One Day Passは1,980円でご利用いただけるほか、会議室やイベントスペースの貸し出し、「福岡市博多駅前二丁目1番地1号」の住所を登記住所に使用いただけるバーチャルオフィスも提供しています。



fabbit Global Gateway "Hakata Ekimae"


fabbit Global Gateway Hakata Ekimae内観



fabbit Global Gateway “Hakata Ekimae”概要



電話  0120-753-361




代表者:代表取締役社長 吉尾 春樹
本社所在地:東京都千代田区大手町二丁目6番1号 朝日生命大手町ビル2階



[News release] fabbit Global Gateway “Hakata Ekimae” Opens in Front of Hakata Station, Supporting Start-ups and Companies Establishing Their Second Business on April 16


fabbit, which provides an ecosystem to help startups and companies establish their second business as a division of SystemSoft Corporation (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Haruki Yoshio; TSE Code: 7527), today opens fabbit Global Gateway “Hakata Ekimae”, located in the Fukuoka Asahi Building, right in front of Hakata Station. 

“fabbit Global Gateway” is a brand for companies aiming for global expansion. By establishing a large facility in the center of Fukuoka City, fabbit aims to support open innovation among start-ups and enterprises by holding its original events and urging interactions among companies in our facilities. 

fabbit offers private rooms (for two people or more) from 105,600 yen per month, flexible seats for 24,200 yen, and One Day Pass for 1,980 yen. We also offers meeting rooms and event space, and virtual office service is also available, which allows customers to use the address at 2-1-1 Hakata Ekimae, Fukuoka City, as their company registration address.

fabbit is running two campaigns. One is that you will be able to use a private room, flexible seat or virtual office at half price for four months if you apply by the end of April 2021. The other is that you will receive a discount for the entire contract period for the flexible seat or virtual office if you apply for it by the end of May 2021. For more information, please contact the below.


■fabbit Global Gateway “Hakata Ekimae
2-1-1, Hakata Ekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Opening date:
April 16, 2021


For inquiries, please contact:
TEL: 0120-753-361


[Company Profile of SystemSoft Corporation]
Representative: Haruki Yoshio
Head office: Asahi Seimei Otemachi Building 2nd Floor, 2-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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